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The Next Wave features eleven chapters, each one corresponding to a gravitationally rounded object of the Solar System. Players start the campaign moving inwards from Pluto, with the final chapter of the game taking place on the Sun, where players confront the Mother-Hen Ship. Each Chapter consists of 10 waves of attacking hostiles, resulting in a total of 110 different levels. In all the waves, chickens attack the player's ship by dropping eggs, which the player needs to avoid. Players can collect different items to help them in-game, such as new primary weapons which players earn by collecting parcels, and power-ups, which can be used to upgrade the current primary weapon. Weapons can be upgraded up to eleven levels. As in Chicken Invaders, players can collect chicken drumsticks and roasts to receive missiles, powerful weapons that can wipe out an entire wave of enemies. Incentives are given however for not using the missiles, as players may receive special bonuses (e.g. new weapons or extra firepower) if they opt to take on the wave head on.



Ultimate Omelette further added game mechanics to the Revenge of the Yolk formula, most notably the ability to rotate the player's ship to face in any direction, depending on the level (instead of constantly facing 'up', as in the previous installments). The game further features a more 'cinematic' camera zooming in or out depending on the action (e.g. boss fights typically have the camera zoomed out to contain all the action). The game features a more intricate plot than its predecessors, new weapons, dockable ship upgrades (Satellites) to deal additional damage to the various enemies and bosses, and in-game currency (Keys), dropped by specific enemies (indicated by a golden halo) during the course of the game, which allow the player to purchase unlockable content. Ultimate Omelette contains 120 waves across 12 Chapters. As is the case with Revenge of the Yolk, the player's ship primary weapons can be upgraded through 11 power levels, plus a secret 12th. 041b061a72


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