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Anastaysha Anasteysha
Anastaysha Anasteysha

Hey, everybody. What impact do you think the global availability of free porn is having on world culture? What changes in behavioral patterns, norms and values can we observe under the influence of this phenomenon? And how can society effectively respond to these challenges? I would like to add that globalization also provides opportunities to disseminate positive and alternative approaches to sexuality and intimate relationships. For example, thanks to the Internet and social media, it is now easier to access information on sexuality education, sexual health counseling and various sexual practices. It is therefore also important to promote positive approaches to sexuality and strive for a more open and healthy culture of sexuality based on consent, mutual respect and safety.

Ange Kone
Ange Kone
Mar 29

In response to these challenges, society can take several proactive measures. First and foremost, comprehensive sexuality education programs can be implemented to provide individuals with accurate information about sexual health, consent, and healthy relationships. Moreover, promoting media literacy skills can help individuals critically analyze and evaluate the messages conveyed by pornographic content. Lastly, fostering open and non-judgmental dialogues about sexuality can help reduce stigma and promote a more inclusive and respectful culture.



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