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Buy Private Airplane

Thanks to the many benefits of private jet hire, more people are traveling by private jet charter than ever before. You could spend upwards of $100 million on the customized luxury airliner of your dreams, or you could find out how much cheaper it is to rent a plane with this guide.

buy private airplane

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If you bought your aircraft from a Washington retailer, you should have paid sales tax at the time of the purchase. If you bought your aircraft in another state or from a private party, you may not have paid sales tax. In this case, you are liable for use tax unless one of the exemptions apply.

A recent Town Hall by Corporate Jet Investor with private jet aircraft sales executives revealed a stunning data point. First-time buyers who rushed to buy private jets to escape COVID-19 are already putting them up for sale.

Used private jets can cost from under $500,000 to over $50 million. What seems like a great purchase price might come with millions of dollars in necessary maintenance and upgrades behind the curtain.

In our comparison of over 65 variables of private jet cards and prepaid programs, we cover a plethora of key differences. Find questions to ask yourself and the vendors before you sign on the dotted line.

Business Air has new and used jets for sale. Jets provide individuals and companies a way to travel greater distances and at a faster rate of travel than any other form of transportation. You can fly where you want to go on your schedule. They fly higher than traditional airplanes, allowing for smoother rides.

Faced with crowded airports, jam-packed commercial aircraft and delays, high-net-worth individuals and corporate executives alike are turning to private aviation to help relieve the time constraints and delays of commercial flying and take advantage of smaller airfields located closer to their final destinations.

Although a pre-owned aircraft may require interior and/or exterior refurbishment or touch-ups after closing, the cost of such services is generally offset by the reduced capital investment (relative to the initial investment cost of a net-new aircraft). You can even contract a private aviation consultant to manage and oversee the entire refurbishment process, from reviewing design proposals to arranging final delivery and acceptance of the refurbished aircraft, thereby giving yourself one less thing to worry about.

There are a number of costs associated with private aircraft ownership beyond the initial purchase price, which, depending on the aircraft, can range dramatically. These costs should factor into your decision process when considering ownership of either a new or pre-owned aircraft.

Your private aviation consultant will likely cover many of these questions (and more) during the pre-purchase inspection. The answers to these questions will enable you to make an informed private jet purchase decision.

A: The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors, including whether you intend to purchase a new or pre-owned aircraft, the size of the aircraft, whether you wish to customize or refurbish your aircraft, whether the aircraft is currently enrolled in a maintenance program and so on. A private aviation consultant can perform an operational cost analysis to help you better understand your total investment.

There are two ways in which you can own a private jet: full ownership in which you own the full plane, or fractional ownership in which you own a portion of a plane. To choose the most convenient solution for you, the first question you need to answer is: what you need the aircraft for?

This article contains average prices, which aim is to give you an idea of what is required to buy a private jet. Each deal has its own story and the price may change depending on the flight hours, year of manufacture, general status of the aircraft, maintenance status, engine health status, personalization of the interiors and others.

We aim to provide the best quality service before, during and after a flight to our valuable customers through our services that connect customers and private jet operators in order to provide the best price and quality available on the market.

The first and most significant obstacle to jet ownership today is finding one. Used jet inventory is at an all-time low, and backlogs and wait times for newly produced jets are growing longer as well. Prices are skyrocketing throughout private aviation markets.

How much can you expect to pay for a private jet in 2022? If you can find one you want among limited available inventory, expect to pay a premium in the current market. All told, and using the Gulfstream G450 as a benchmark, expect to pay between $14 million to $35 million to acquire a jet and another $4 million to $5 million to own, house, and maintain it.

Purchasing a private jet certainly fetches a high price. For instance, the popular Embraer Phenom 100 light jet costs anything between 1.45 million and 2 million, while a midsize jet like the Learjet 75 costs just under 10 million. For the ultimate in luxury and speed, the Gulfstream G650 heavy jet comes with a staggering price tag of 48 million.

Besides the hefty base cost of buying a private jet, maintenance costs ranging from thousands to millions of pounds every year increase the overall expense. One of the many advantages to owning a private jet is that it can often be used for decades before reaching the end of its lifespan; but for many, chartering a private jet is still much more affordable.

Judging from the factors mentioned above, it follows that small, light private jets are significantly cheaper to charter. These aircraft accommodate fewer passengers and are better suited for shorter trips. Popular choices include the Cessna Citation Mustang and Bombardier Learjet 35.

When it comes to private jet charters, there are plenty of jets to choose from, with prices depending on the size and type of the aircraft, the number of seats it has and the travel destination when planning your journey. Contact us for a personalised quote and arrange your private jet charter today.

The initial cost of buying a private jet will vary greatly depending on the aircraft model and make, size, range and capacity. For example, a light jet such as the Embraer Phenom 100, which depending on configuration can seat up to nine passengers, can be bought for less than $3m.

At the other end of the spectrum larger, more powerful private jets can reach into the hundreds of millions. For example, the super long-range BBJ 777x that can seat up to 75 guests will set you back upwards of $400m.

While the initial purchase fee may seem steep, many owners find that the real cost of owning a private jet comes later on. Unlike when chartering a jet, owning leaves you responsible for the ongoing expenses associated with regularly flying a jet. These include:

When buying a new jet, as the owner, you will be able to design the interiors as you please. While a jet can be left as configured, many buyers will choose to redesign, be it just adding a personal touch to the décor or completely altering the layout. Of course, customization will come at a cost, with some private jet owners spending upwards of $100m on bespoke plane interiors.

Considering all the extra fees on top of the initial purchase, it costs an impressive amount to own a private jet, with yearly maintenance and operation costs heading into the hundreds of thousands. In order to make the price worth it, a jet owner should anticipate flying at least 100 hours a year over the course of four to five years.

The cost of buying a private jet outright varies by plane model, age and condition, among other factors. As a general rule, it will cost more to purchase and maintain a plane the larger the jet is. For example, you may be able to buy a 30 year-old Learjet for less than $1 million, but a brand-new, large plane such as a Gulfstream can run well over $70 million. If you want a custom Airbus, you should expect to pay more than $100 million.

When you own a private jet, you are solely responsible for its maintenance costs, which include crew salaries, hangar costs, insurance, training, fuel and mechanical maintenance, just to name a few. If you purchase a new Gulfstream G450 for $40 million or you buy a pre-owned one for around $14 million, you should anticipate having to pay variable private jet maintenance costs of around $1.6 million per year as well as fixed costs of about $880,000 per year.

If you fly more than 50 hours per year and your flights are generally at least one hour in length, fractional ownership may be the right move for you if you want to own a private jet. However, fractional plans normally operate on flight hours, which means you might end up paying twice as much for a 30-minute flight as a fractional owner than you would if you rented a private jet. If your trips are ordinarily under an hour, renting a private aircraft might be more appropriate for you than owning part of one through a fractional ownership program.

If you only fly a few times a year or you want to use a private plane for an upcoming special occasion, chartering a jet might be the best option for you. When you charter a plane, you only pay the expenses that are directly related to the flight you take.

Are you thinking about getting a private jet? Take these components into consideration to be sure you get the most cost effective option. Contact our staff at 1.800.533.3363 if you need a crew for your private plane. 041b061a72


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