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Corner Kick Bet: What Is It? Detailed Betting Guide

What is a corner kick bet? This type of bet is favored by many players because the outcome does not depend on the final score of the match, making it easy to play. So, do you know how to place bets on this type of bet? Don't worry, Wintips will explain it right here in this draw betting tips

Understanding the concept of a corner kick bet

In football, the corner kick bet, also known as Conners, is quite popular and favored by many players because it is relatively easy to play and win. Although it is not a primary supporting bet, the player can receive a relatively high reward rate.

Conners has a simple gameplay, where bettors do not need to worry about the result of the match but only need to remember the total number of corner kicks executed by both teams in the match. Since it is a secondary betting option, bookmakers will only offer corner kick bets in the extended section of bet types, so players can only place bets one day before the match. This is also the reason why bettors do not have much time to analyze the odds compared to when choosing other types of bets.

What types of corner kick bets are there?

Just like other main bet types in football betting, to allow players to freely choose, corner kick bets are also divided into various types. So what are the specific types of corner kick bets?

Total corner kick bet for the whole match

Over/Under corner kick bet is another name for the total corner kick bet for the whole match, which is the most popular type of bet. The Over/Under corner kick bet is denoted as O/U and is only counted for the entire match. Similar to other over/under bet types in football, the Over/Under bet allows bettors to choose to place their money on Over or Under, depending on the odds provided by the bookmaker for each match.

Usually, in the total corner kick bet for the whole match, the Under option is the number of corner kicks executed in the match and will have a smaller total than the odds provided by the bookmaker. Conversely, the Over option will be the total number of corner kicks in the match, which will be higher than the odds provided by the bookmaker.

Odd/Even corner kick bet

Compared to other types within corner kick bets, the Odd/Even corner kick bet is considered relatively simple, and the winning rate is also quite high. So what is the task of the player in the Odd/Even corner kick bet?

When participating, members make predictions about whether the number of corner kicks executed in the match is odd or even, and then place their bets. For example, in a match with a total of 3 corner kicks, you will win if you bet on odd, and vice versa.

Handicap corner kick bet

The Handicap corner kick bet is usually used in matches where the two teams have a difference in ranking and level. Different handicap ratios will be provided for each match, and players are tasked with predicting how many corner kicks each team will have.

The analysis can take place in the first half, second half, or throughout the match. To determine the winning team, players will rely on the number of corner kicks executed throughout the match.

No corner kick bet

In addition to the above bets, to attract players, bookmakers also provide odds for bets where no corner kicks appear in the match. So what exactly is this type of corner kick bet? The No corner kick bet is considered a special type of bet with a high winning rate.

However, the number of matches where no corner kicks occur throughout the match is almost negligible. Therefore, you should be careful before deciding to bet to avoid falling into the bookmaker's trap.

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Experience in Analyzing Corner Kick Betting with Experts

Betting on football or any other game involves high risks. So what exactly are the experiences in betting on corner kick odds? To increase your chances of winning and minimize the risk of leaving empty-handed, you need to pocket a few secrets along the way:

Understanding the playing styles of both teams: Your ability to predict and analyze betting odds will be more accurate when you understand the playing styles of both football teams. Compared to teams that play defensively in the midfield, teams with attacking styles tend to have more corner kicks. Matches tend to have more corner kicks if there are none within the first 10 minutes.

Betting based on the correlation of strength between the two teams: Typically, there are very few cases where two teams are evenly matched; instead, one team is usually considered stronger than the other. These matches often have a significant number of corner kicks.

The content of this article provides information betting tips 1x2 app related to corner kick odds that we want to share with our readers. We hope that with this data, you will gain valuable knowledge to equip yourself on the journey to conquer rewards in football betting.


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